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Reach 377,000+ readers each week with just one classified ad in 67 newspapers distributing 169,000+ copies.

View and download the list of participating Montana newspapers SCAN 67 Newsaper 2022

One call to your local newspaper, or directly to the MNA at [email protected] and [email protected] 


A 25-word SCAN ad costs only $149 (plus $4.75 for each additional word) – a fraction of a cent per household. That’s only $2 per newspaper! Considering all factors – the cost of a 25-word classified ad in these 69 Montana newspapers, plus copying, stationery, issuing checks, postage and modest compensation for your time – your cost to place the same ad individually would be many times that.

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Statewide classified advertising can be placed through the Montana Newspaper Association in any or all of the lower 48 states on a one order, one check basis, if you work through the MNA office. Payment (credit card, certified check or money order) is required at the time of placement. Please call for rates and deadlines. These nationwide classified ads can also be originated and placed through your local newspaper.


Wednesday, 5 p.m. Deadlines may be adjusted near major holidays. Please email for information.


All payments are due and payable at the time of placement. We accept most major credit cards by phone or simply mail a check or money order in advance.


All legal ads accepted. Note: Adoption ads must be placed by a placement agency or individual licensed by the State of Montana Department of Public Health & Human Services, Child & Family Services Division.


We cannot guarantee 100 percent placement of any ad. It is left to the discretion of individual newspapers to accept or reject ads, according to policies at their newspapers.


The Montana Newspaper Association does not provide tearsheets from each newspaper, but the MNA does monitor publication in all the newspapers and can, upon request,  provide a notarized Affidavit insertion order to the newspapers.