OUR MISSION: To Advance & Sustain the News
Publishing Industry in Montana

Montana’s Capital in Helena Photo Credit: Eliza Wiley, Independent Record

We Are Eighty-Five Newspapers Strong

The Montana Newspaper Association is guided by our fundamental aspirations:

1. Promote the value of a free press to democracy.

2. Promote the newspaper industry and newspaper readership across Montana.

3. Defend and protect the First Amendment.

4. Defend and expand public access to government records.

5. Collect and preserve the records of Montana journalism.

6. Focus on professional development, specifically journalism education.

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MNA serves as a single contact to place advertising in all our member newspapers. MNA offers a robust "statewide" network with cost-effective rates and program discounts for frequency! Click on a link below for details.

SDAPStatewide Display Ad Program

SCANStatewide Classified Ad Network

SOAPStatewide Online Advertising Program

Montana Newspaper Association (MNA) provides the most convenient means possible of getting your story to Montana newspapers.

The digital archive of Montana newspapers provides electronic news tracking and retrieval of ALL mentions of your key search terms. Montana News Tracker service delivers electronic "clips" to view, download, store, share and print as needed.

The digital archive of all Montana Public Notices, keyword searchable by date and location.