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PNRC releases guide about best practices for public notices

The Public Notice Resource Center has published an eight-page brochure (“Best Practices for Public Notices”) that addresses the need for newspapers to use both their print and digital resources to inform the public and protect the public record.

The brochure was introduced during the PNRC’s Public Notices Symposium at the 2016 NNA convention.

Click on the link to access the guide: http://www.pnrc.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/PNRC-Best-Practices-Document-5.5×8.5-07-singles-nobranding.pdf

“Newspapers are the natural and traditional publications for these notices,” PNRC states. “As newspapers’ own digital distribution is becoming more widespread, questions about the proper use of digital distribution must be addressed.

“Print distribution is the more practical and reliable method for archiving, reaching key audiences and producing evidence that can be used in court. Combining digital and print notice offers the public the best attributes of both methods.”