Our Mission

Our Mission

In order to pursue our Mission, the Montana Newspaper Association will be guided by our fundamental aspirations and focus its efforts on concrete activities corresponding to those aims.


Promote the value of a free press to democracy.

Promote the newspaper industry and newspaper readership across Montana.

Defend and protect the First Amendment.

Defend and expand public access to government records.

Collect and preserve the records of Montana journalism.

Focus on professional development, specifically journalism education.


Influence government policies and engage in legal advocacy to protect open government, free speech and member interest.

Provide leadership that fosters collaboration and an overall cooperative spirit among Montana newspapers.

Work to enhance Montana newspapers with respect to editorial excellence, advertising volume, effective use of technology and profitability.

Provide assistance with journalistic, ethical, technical and business issues.

Provide information and training.

Ensure that all member newspapers are archived and catalogued for posterity.

Support the growth of newspaper and online advertising and directly sell advertising to businesses that will benefit from our statewide reach.

Bring together members formally and informally to exchange ideas and act effectively to share concerns and address issues.

Service members with the highest level of regard and professionalism.