Dick Crockford Distinguished Service Award

Honoring our Dedicated Employees Throughout the Newspaper Industry!

Recipients of the Dick Crockford Distinguished Service Award are newspaper employees honored for valuable contributions to the newspaper profession and to their communities. A recipient can be any member of a newspaper staff, including but not limited to editorial, advertising, circulation, distribution, production, accounting, and management personnel.

To be eligible for selection, nominees must be employees or former employees of Montana newspapers or must be associated with a university, college or newspaper association having close ties with Montana newspapers.

Selection criteria:

  • Nominees shall have contributed in a significant manner to their newspaper and to their community, or to the newspaper industry in general.
  • Nominees shall be generally considered to be persons of positive moral character
  • Nominees shall be persons who are held in high regard by their peers.

Other considerations:

  • Nominations must be made from within newspaper ranks by peers, supervisors or others who are personally knowledgeable about those they nominate.
  • While employment longevity may be considered, it is not necessarily a requirement for selection.


  • The Board of Directors of the Montana Newspaper Association will make the final selection of award recipients.
  • Up to five Distinguished Service Awards may be presented annually.
  • If, in the judgment of the Directors, there are no candidates eligible to be named as recipients, no such honor will be bestowed.

Please provide the selection committee whatever information you deem helpful in selecting a recipient of this prestigious award. Be as complete, but concise, as possible

    Recipients of the Dick Crockford Distinguished Service Award Award

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