Hall of Fame

Honoring the Great Montana Journalists of Our Time!

This award, created in 1958, is given by the Montana Newspaper Association to honor deceased Montana journalists who, during their lifetime, made outstanding contributions to the profession, the arts, and their community.

Nominate a Journalist who made

Outstanding Contributions to the Profession!

Appropriate Hall of Fame plaques, honoring each designee, are displayed in the Don Anderson Journalism Building at the University of Montana in Missoula.

Use the Nomination form below to tell us who we should honor with this year’s Hall of Fame award. Please provide the selection committee with whatever information you deem helpful in selecting a recipient of this prestigious award. Be as complete, but concise, as possible.

Deadline for nominations is Monday, March 28, 2022.  

The recipient will be honored during the annual Montana Newspaper Association convention in Glendive, Montana.

    Recipients of the Montana Newspaper Hall of Fame Award

    Name Year
    Arthur L. Stone 1958
    O.S. Warden 1958
    Joseph D. Scanlan 1958
    John H. Durston 1958
    Harry J. Kelly 1959
    Capt. James H. Mills 1961
    Harry B. Brooks 1962
    Thomas J. Dimsdale 1962
    William M. Bole 1963
    Cornelius Hedges 1965
    John A. Gilluly 1965
    Joseph Kinsey Howard 1967
    Harry N. Blake 1968
    Miles Romney, Sr. 1969
    Charles Doherty 1970
    W.K. Harber 1971
    Dan Whetstone 1972
    George Hoole 1972
    Tom Stout 1973
    Martin J. Hutchens 1974
    Burley Bowler 1976
    Gurnie M. Moss 1978
    Ray Rocene 1980
    Miles Romney, Jr. 1982
    T.J. “Joe” Hocking 1983
    Don Anderson 1984
    Robert N. Sutherlin 1985
    William H. Sutherlin 1985
    Alexander Rhone 1989
    Sam Gilluly 1990
    Dorothy Marie Johnson 1991
    John F. Kavanagh 1992
    A.B. Guthrie, Jr. 1994
    Fred J. Martin 1996
    Harry L. Billings 1997
    Alexander Warden 1998
    Harry Downs, Sr. 1999
    Bessie K. Monroe 2001
    Mel Ruder 2002
    C. Patrick King 2003
    Glenn F. Sorlie 2003
    Helen Peterson 2004
    Larry C. Bowler 2005
    Daniel Webster Tilton 2005
    William D. “Scotty” James 2006
    Gretchen Garber Billings 2007
    Ken Byerly 2008
    Ila Mae Forbregd 2009
    Irvin Hutchison 2010
    Harold G. “Hal” Stearns 2011
    Terry Dwyer 2012
    Verle L. Rademacher 2014
    Lyle K. Williams 2015
    Charles Harwood Allan 2016
    Suzanne “Sue” Hart 2017
    Ed Coyle 2018
    William Richard “Dick” Crockford II 2018
    Robert “Bob” Gilluly 2019
    John Kuglin 2021
    Harry Downs 2022