Bozeman Daily Chronicle August 30, 2015

Bottom of Form

BOZEMAN, Mont. (AP) — A former contractor for the Bozeman Daily Chronicle is charged with stealing about $6,700 in change from newspaper racks from February through April.

The Bozeman Daily Chronicle reports ( Lloyd Douglas Walters has pleaded not guilty to felony theft.

Prosecutors say Walters’ contract to fill up the newspaper racks and collect the change was terminated in February.

In late April, Chronicle employees suspected that Walter had been taking money from the racks. The newspaper changed the locks on the racks, but they used old locks and prosecutors say Walters may have kept some old keys.

Court records say that witnesses reported seeing Walters take money from two newspaper racks on April 28 and that Chronicle employees used their phones to shoot video of him taking money from other racks.