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Statewide Quarter-page Advertising Program (SQD)

Insertion Order:

MNA SQD Insertion Order Week of Sept 27, 2020

Ad Copy:

Montana Farmers Union 4.9 x 10

Montana Farmers Union 4.8 x 5


Download a copy of our Statewide Quarter Page information with list of all of our papers: Statewide Quarter-page Advertising Program. 

Reach more than 300,000 Montana readers in 47 newspapers with an eye-catching quarter-page display advertisement for just $2,995!

The Montana Newspaper Advertising Service statewide quarter-page display advertising program, known as SQD (squid), provides advertisers with an opportunity to get broad, statewide reach with a larger display size at a very reasonable cost. At 3 col. X 10” for broadsheets and 3 col. X 5” for tabloids, SQD ads will draw plenty of attention from Montana newspaper readers, providing a powerful, convenient, affordable platform for your message.

Pricing:  $2,995

(Frequency discount of $215 per ad for placements of six or more ads)

Mechanics:  Ads must be built to fit two sizes, 4.9” X 10” for broadsheets and 4.8” X 5” for tabloids.

Deadlines:          Space reservation deadline at 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday prior.

Restrictions:       Only one SQD may be sold in any given week.

Participating Newspapers: The SQD network includes 47 participating newspapers with combined circulation of 134,259 and an estimated readership of 335,647.