MNAS launches statewide quarter-page advertising program

The Montana Newspaper Advertising Service will expand its advertising offerings to include a new statewide network offering quarter-page display opportunities.  This new program will provide advertisers with an opportunity to get broad, statewide reach with a larger display size at a very reasonable cost. Called SQD (squid), the quarter-page offer will compliment the SCAN, SDAP and SOAP programs, helping to sustain the MNA as the newspaper industry evolves.

The plan endorsed by the MNAS board calls for the SQD program to begin a 90-day trial run on April 1. After the trial, the board will evaluate the success of the program and determine whether to continue it.

Just like the MNAS statewide display and classified programs, every MNA member has the opportunity to participate in the SQD program.  The MNAS will apply the same exacting standards applied to the current SDAP and SCAN programs.  And just like our other statewide advertising programs, the MNAS will manage the administrative work.

SQD ads will be constructed in two sizes to accommodate both broadsheet and tabloid page layouts, making it easy for participants to float or resize them.


SQD Pricing: $2,995 (Frequency discount of $215 per ad for placements of six or more ads)

Mechanics: Ads must be built to fit two sizes, 4.9” X 10” for broadsheets and 4.8” X 5” for tabloids. The sizes correspond to three-column widths.

Deadlines: Space reservation deadline will be 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday prior.

Restrictions: Only one SQD may be sold in any given week.


Interested advertisers should call the MNA office at (406) 443-2850 with questions, or email the association’s business development director, Brian Wirtz, at [email protected]. With limited available inventory, SQD placements could sell out quickly.