Education Assistance Grants to Strengthen Media Reporting on Montana Jobs and Economy

The Greater Montana Foundation is now offering new education assistance grants to individual Montana news media professionals and journalism students to strengthen their ability to report more effectively on issues of jobs and the economy. The $500 per person grants are for any course related to these issues, whether on-line or in-person, at any of the state’s post-secondary institutions.

A recent media survey undertaken by GMF indicated that jobs and the economy are the top concern for Montanans, said Chair Dr. Bill Whitsitt. “It is our goal to respond to this concern by providing financial assistance to working journalists and journalism students to improve their knowledge and skills.”

The new grant program was announced at a GMF-sponsored seminar on Jobs, Business and the Economy held at the University of Montana. It was taught by School of Business Administration and School of Journalism faculty, as well as practitioners from media and business.

The grants are being publicized at this time so that working journalists, journalist students and others in related fields can plan to apply in advance of the Spring 2017 semester. Information and application packets are available at the Greater Montana Foundation’s website,

Dr. Whitsitt said that GMF partners with all types of media organizations, with emphasis on commercial and non-commercial broadcasters, as well as independent producers and organizations, in a competitive grants process.

The grant awards include documentaries, political debates, topical news and public affairs programming, videos and webinars. GMF also funds training for future broadcasters and internships at radio and TV stations awarded through the state’s university system.

Founded by pioneer broadcaster Ed Craney in 1958, the Greater Montana Foundation’s mission is to encourage communication, with an emphasis on electronic media, on issues, trends and values of importance to present and future generations of Montanans.