After more than 33 years of service, Lone Peak Lookout to cease publication

Lone Peak Lookout, September 3, 2015

The Lone Peak Lookout weekly newspaper that has served Big Sky for the past 33 years is printing its final edition today.

“Of course all our staff members are devastated by the news, but we understand the financial realities of publishing a newspaper,” said Wayne Adair, 10-year editor of the Lookout. “The advertising revenue simply has not been adequate to offset the operating expenses of what we consider a fine weekly newspaper.”

The Lookout’s staff was notified of the decision earlier this week.

Stephanie Pressly, president of Big Sky Publishing that operates the Lookout, as well as the Bozeman Daily Chronicle, stressed the decision was based on finances.

“This move clearly has nothing to do with the quality of the newspaper – recipient of MNA’s 2015 General Excellence award – or of its staff,” Pressly wrote in a letter to Big Sky Publishing staff this week. “Mary Buchli, our 14-year salesperson, has done an outstanding job representing the newspaper and assisting local businesses. She is truly part of the Big Sky community and will likely work on special projects with us into the future. Wayne Adair, Lone Peak’s long-time editor, produced the area’s only ‘real’ newspaper. He announced his pending retirement several weeks ago and will spend his time in Hamilton, Montana. Laura Bell, our two-year reporter, announced a few weeks ago her move to Vail, Colo., later this month where her daughter is training with Ski Club Vail and the U.S. Ski Team National Training Group.

Kevin Kelleher started the Lone Peak Lookout in 1982 and owned and edited the newspaper until Pioneer News Group acquired it in the mid 1990s.

Adair expressed his gratitude to the Big Sky community for their long-time support of the newspaper and the entire staff.

“It’s been nothing short of a privilege to have edited this newspaper in an area so blessed by scenic grandeur and populated by intelligent and involved individuals. I believe this newspaper was an important cornerstone of the community by providing vital local news coverage unavailable anywhere else. I feel sure we will be missed.”