2014 Montana Newspaper Foundation Internship Grant Program


What is the internship program?
The Montana Newspaper Foundation Internship Grant Program helps train tomorrow’s professionals by providing grants to member newspapers.

How much is the grant and how many are awarded?
$1,500 will be awarded to three successful newspapers.

When can I use the internship grant?
The grant can be used (and the money will be awarded) in 2014. We encourage successful applicants to begin the intern recruitment process in 2013.

What is the application deadline?
November 22, 2013

When will grants be announced by the MNF?
December 4, 2013

What is the obligation of my newspaper?
Each newspaper selected for the grant must agree to at least match the $1,500 award by the MNF for the intern’s compensation. In addition to compensation, interns may receive institutional credit, if their school allows it. Interns are to be considered an employee of the newspaper.
Interns must be students enrolled in an accredited post-secondary academic, professional or vocational program. In-state schools, especially students of the U of M School of Journalism, should be given first preference. Awarding grants to relatives of a selected newspaper’s owners or employees is prohibited.

What is the newspaper selection process?
Please email your completed application to Jim Rickman: [email protected] on or before the application deadline. A selection panel will review the applications and make selections based on your response to the application questions.
2014 Montana Newspaper Foundation Internship Grant Program



Person completing the application:

Type of internship:

Estimated employment dates:
Please describe the specific duties that would be assigned to the intern.

Please describe the training, coaching and mentoring that would be provided to the intern.

Please describe how the intern would benefit from working at your newspaper.

Please describe how performance feedback will be provided to the intern.